Don Doe, from the exhibition brochure: Sheila Lanham’s paintings, like Hoskins’, tend towards the rhythmic pattern and abstract rather than the brutalized forms and color of Doe, Quinlan and Diamond.  Lanham’s paintings seem to record, as event, both the tribal and intimate. Like we were walking along a sandy path by flashlight at night to listen to spoken words in the jungle.  We never make it to the jungle, being hypnotized instead by the anthropomorphic revealed to us through Lanham’s personal symbolism. Forms pile up vertically, like totems, while at the same time alluding to a felt horizontal distance. We move through the wholeness of the form, made up of smaller shapes, and find ourselves climbing over as well. The centralized motif brings to mind paintings by Georgia OKeeffe, or the abstracted Nature motifs of the modernist landscape artist Arthur Dove. A symbolic color effect, what Dove called “a condition of light”, is apparent in all of Lanham’s paintings. “My works focus on a personal eco-symbolism, including structured landscape elements and modified natural forms. I encourage a free association of natural forms, as illusory landscape space reveals other forms – figurative, anthropomorphic and multiple horizons. At first glance, I want the viewer to experience harmonious color, form and structure.” In both Hoskins’ and Lanham’s paintings a personal vocabulary alluding to landscape wanders into seemingly unrelated topics, creating episodic experiences, often surrealistic, that the viewer is free to interpret.  Each of the painters in ‘Unextinguished, The Episodic Landscape’ returns to elements of landscape to immerse the viewer in a meditative environment that, like a poem, uses metaphor, personal symbolism, rhythm and the abstraction of natural patterns to form narrative.

Interviewed for Larry Rivers documentary

In March of 2017, I was interviewed by filmmaker Peter Rosen, who is working on a documentary about the life of my longtime love and friend, Larry Rivers. I look forward to seeing this film completed! You can read more about Peter's documentaries, including a series for PBS on art collectors, here:  http://www.peterrosenproductions.com/productions/

MEL Artist Studio Tour 2018

I will open my Merida, Yucatan studio for the Merida English Library's 2018 Artist Studio our on Saturday, February 17, 2018. The tour benefits the library. Thirty-five artists are participating this year. Last year, 350 people purchased tickets and toured the artists studios!

Reading at La Mama October 24

I will be reading at La Mama on October 24th at 8pm as part of their Poetry Electric: 55 Poems for La Mama's 55th Anniversary, with Jeff Wright, Ilka Scobe, Jane LeCroy, William Electric Black, David Mills, Wanda Phipps and others.
La Mama
66 East 4th Street (2nd Avenue & the Bowery), NYC  

Nation IV, Through the Rabbit Hole Sideshow Gallery

Nation IV, Through the Rabbit Hole
Sideshow Gallery

January 9 – March 20
319 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

NYC Salon Showcase

NYC Salon Showcase presented by Arts@Renaissance opens Friday, February 27 from 7pm-10pm at 695 Grand Street, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY and runs from February 27 through March 1, 2015

Sideshow Nation III, Circle the Wagons

"Sideshow Nation III, Circle The Wagons"
Sideshow Gallery

319 Bedford Avenue
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
January 10-March 15, 2015

The Last Brucennial

"The Last Brucennial"
The Bruce High Quality Foundation

837 Washington St.
New York, NY
March 7-April 4, 2014

Sideshow Nation II

"Sideshow Nation II at the Alamo"
Sideshow Gallery 

319 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
January 4 through March 3, 2014